Sugar Pop Slots

Sugar Pop slots is a beautiful bright, fun slots game with five worlds and thirty levels offering sweet candy that pops and makes way for new candies and sweets to take their place. The more candies that match, the more winning opportunities are opened, and the higher level the player climbs in this five-reel game that has no set paylines but offers winning ways of three, four, and five matching symbols in any direction.

Instant Access to Sugar Pop Slots

Betsoft is the creator of Sugar Pop Slots giving a wonderful setting of candy canes, cotton candy, chocolate treats, and colored sugar. The game is entered through the web browser of Betsoft casinos online or via mobile devices, and some of the Betsoft casinos include a mobile app option with no need to download. Betting options allow bets up to $50 in real money bets, but naturally, there is also a play-for-fun option offering a chance to get to know the game for as long as the player needs.

Popping Candy and Level Climbing in Sugar Pop Slots

Three of the same colored candy horizontally, vertically, or diagonally give a winning payout and pop, making room for new candies to take their place. Four candies create a super color with a multiplying payout awarded to the amount won, and five of the same color make a color bomb. The color bomb explodes and pops all matching colors on the reels creating more winning options and more spaces for new symbols to come into play. There are thirty levels in this game, and at the side of the reels, a points meter runs. The more points earned from popping candies, the higher the player's level. New bonus candies are introduced at each level, including candy canes from levels ten and up, which explode on screen and affect nearby symbols. The cotton candy bonus symbol is a tornado that spins through the reels, and the peanut butter cup creates even ten sticky symbols. The white chocolate appearing from level four and up shoots almonds out, changing other symbols into chocolates. Sugar Pop slots is a sweet and exciting game giving players a 97.7% return to the player over time, offering so much fun, and with the easy-to-follow layout and instructions, it is a beautiful game to play, layout and instructions,